Skopje, 22nd December 2013 (MIA) – Government reached decision to accept the proposal of the Ministry of Finance about extending the deadline for purchase of courtyard lots at the price of EUR 1 per square meter. This was pointed out by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski answering journalist’s question on Sunday.

That is exceptionally good project, which as he said, “stirred great interest at citizens in 2009, when we started the Project, until the end of 2012".

– Total of 162 thousands of families or persons submitted application for purchase of courtyard at the price of EUT 1 per square meter. However, there is certain number of citizens, who due to different reasons, like have not heard that that the deadline has expired, were abroad or initiated hereditary procedure and did not have enough time to complete it, ask for additional deadline. Government meets the demands of these citizens, Stavreski said.
According to him, it is probably a matter of ten or so thousand citizens, who can submit application within this extended period, i.e. within nine months.

– Thus, under this level playing field, as before, they will be able to purchase courtyard at the price of EUR 1 per square meter, as a bequest for next generations, who will be able to further use it for house extension or superstructure Stavreski said.

He went on that all procedures are completed pursuant to the laws and the procedures. He mentioned once again that at the beginning, they determined deadline so as for even those who do not have complete documentation to be able to submit application and or to meet them halfway as well.

– Therefore, it takes time to provide the required documentation ex officio, which is not always available. As soon as the overall documentation is collected, response is sent to the citizen and he/she can than purchase the land, Stavreski pointed out.

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