Skopje, 12th December 2015 (MIA) – Unemployment reduction, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, is a reality and the biggest achievement of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in the last nine years.

According to yesterday’s information announced by the State Statistical Office, as Minister said, 711 thousand of persons were employed in the Republic of Macedonia, which compared to 2006, when 560 thousands of jobs were created, is an increase by 150 thousand of jobs created.

This is a result of the good economic policies, mainly the favourable climate and conditions for doing business, ranking Macedonia at the 12th place in the world, the low taxes, the support to domestic companies through both loans under favourable terms and conditions and projects supported with the Budget and the foreign investments. This means a combination of measures and policies in all segments of the economy, also including the active policies implemented through the Employment Agency, Stavreski said today.

Out of these 150 thousand created jobs, more than 16,500 jobs were created in the field of industry, more than 35,000 jobs were created in the trade sector, 24,000 jobs were created in the transport and communications sector, as well as in all other sectors. As Minister said, “it is a matter of economic growth in all sectors, contributing to job creation“.

He pointed out that jobs are being created in both domestic and foreign companies. As regards the foreign companies, as he said, around 16 thousand of jobs were created in the past years, while 10,400 jobs were created in the domestic companies, mainly through the “Macedonia Employs” Project, while 24,000 jobs were created through other projects of the Employment Agency. Around 7,000 jobs were created, as Stavreski added, with the loans under favourable terms and conditions provided from the European Investment Bank to the domestic small- and medium-sized enterprises.

– It is a matter of a significant step forward in the fight against the biggest problem in the Republic of Macedonia, that being the unemployment, since each newly created job provides for a better perspective and future for the person being employed. Therefore, we will remain committed to further unemployment reduction by undertaking all these measures and policies, as well as by implementing new projects so as to reduce it to 22%, being our goal for 2018, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said.

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