Ohrid, 3rd April 2015 (MIA) – Infrastructure projects worth EUR 2 million will be realized in Ohrid. Realization of the Projects, for which the Government provided funds through the World Bank, was inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski and the Mayor of Ohrid Nikola Bakraceski.

By addressing to those present at the inauguration of the reconstruction of “Pitu Guli” Street, Stavreski said that it was a matter of first significant investments in Ohird after more than two decades.

– It is about infrastructure investments, something that will to a great extent contribute to improving the life of citizens. Investments in both infrastructure and job creation are the two main ways for improving the life of citizens, he pointed out.

Minister Stavreski underlined that it was a matter of funds amounting to Denar 128 million, intended for construction of around five kilometers of local and regional roads, construction and reconstruction of six streets in the town and two roundabouts for regulating the traffic of the main transport artery – “Turisticka” Boulevard.

– At the same time, these funds will be used for reconstruction of streets, which have not been renewed for more than 40 years. These streets will have their asphalt changed, pavements restored and atmospheric water sewage renewed. Under the Project, funds are also envisaged for reconstruction of the local road to Elsani Village and the road passing through Leskoec Village, Stavreski said.

Among the other, there is ongoing procedure for procurement of five special communal vehicles intended for improving the cleanness of the town.

– I would like to stress that these capital investments are not the only ones being realized in this town. I expect for the project documentation and the environment protection studies for construction of the road to Pestani and investments in the construction of “Sveti Erazmo” Hospital, the university complex and other investments aimed at improving the image of Ohrid, to be completed in a year, Stavreski said.

Thereby, he also forecasted better times for Ohrid, in terms of unemployment reduction.

– The first 50 persons have been already employed in the German Factory “ODW Elektrik”, which will start the construction of factory in TIDZ “Ohrid-Struga” in July, and we expect for it to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2016, Deputy Prime Minister said, explaining that at the same time there are ongoing activities for reconstruction of hall for “Kostal” Company in the town, where production will commence, meaning creating new jobs.

All this is significant since, as he said, a new investment cycle will be started, marking the end of the long-standing trend of closing plants in Ohrid.

– The time has come for discussing investments and new factories. I wish for the Mayor and his team to continue with their successful work and I challenge him by promising another investment for new projects in Ohrid worth EUR 1 million, next year, in case he manages to realize the Project as envisaged, Stavreski pointed out.

Mayor Bakraceski, who informed the citizens about all activities undertaken in the first two years since the current local government took power, said that he would start the second part of his term of office with realization of the previously announced and prepared projects.

– In the past period, we worked very hard so as to realize this Project… This was preceded by a long lasting process of fulfilling the World Bank criteria, and with consent by Ministry of Finance, during which the overall technical documentation was prepared by the staff and the expert services of Ohrid Municipality, Bakraceski said.

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