Skopje, 23rd March 2011 (MIA) – GDP growth of 3% for last year, being announced by the State Statistical Office yesterday, according to Vice Prime Minister and Prime Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski, is quite solid and satisfactory, taking into account the developments in Europe.


– State Statistical Office announced 3% growth for last year, being among the 10 best in Europe. Growth of 3% is quite satisfactory, taking account the circumstances, in which in the last quarter, the crisis in Europe reached its maximum, Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said when asked at the signing of the loan for including Macedonia in “Europa Re” Project. He added that the economic performance is quite solid and that 3-percent growth in a year when Europe was harshly affected and it was not clear whether the EU will survive, is quite good outcome.


As regards rating affirmation by Fitch Agency, Minister pointed out that they acknowledge that they believe in the outlook of Macedonia, however, it is also a signal for domestic and foreign investors and for all those who analyze and observe Macedonia as potential EU Member State.


– It really happens in Europe in these 12 months, for a certain country to be affirmed its rating. The fact that Fitch confirmed the rating of Macedonia and particularly the circumstances in which it was done, that is the positive macroeconomic stability and the positive effects on the process of launching high level accession dialogue with the EU, shows that rating agencies and Fitch as one of the three most renowned ones, believe in the outlook of Macedonia at both political and economic level, Minister Stavreski stated. As regards price increase of oil derivatives and whether the Government will undertake certain measure, Minister pointed out that the situation is monitored and should some deteriorations occur, it is not excluded to consider the possibilities and instruments available. However, he pointed out that we need to be realistic that it is a matter of global stock market price affecting all economies.


– No European country has undertaken a measure, since price of oil and oil derivatives depends on other areas in the world, even the USA, which can influence the trend deliberate on the issue. With respect to this, our country is a small one, having limited possibilities, and as all other countries in the region, we monitor the developments, Minister stated.


He went on that the International Monetary Fund is also worried about the effects of the oil price on the global economy, so he believes that the Great Powers might intervene so as to stabilize the trends in the oil price.


As for the Project “Buy a House, Buy a Flat", Stavreski pointed out that the interest therein is increasing each month and that their expectations were fulfilled in the first months, and much greater interest is expected in the next months. – It is a matter of resolving a crucial issue requiring a lot of time, so we have to be patient with this Project, which will reach a mature stage, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said.


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