Kratovo 26th July 2014 (MIA) – Activities for rehabilitating the landslide over Kratovo go well and according to the dynamics envisaged under the Project.

This was stressed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski today following the inspection over the activities for rehabilitating the landslide, being long-standing problem for the citizens of Kratovo, and due to the recent bad weather conditions, the situation got even worse due to which, the Agency for State Roads started its rehabilitation.

The Director of the Agency and all those engaged assured me that the dynamics will be observed and that the rehabilitation will be completed by 20th September this year. It will provide not only for the stability of the road, but also for its expansion with third land and pavement, Stavreski said.

During his visit to Kratovo, as he added, he will also meet the Mayor Mite Andonovski and the counselors in the Municipality so as to discuss about realization of the programme for the most significant Infrastructure and capital projects for the Municipality of Kratovo.

We keep in touch on constant basis and as a Government, we are making efforts that lead to faster realization of the projects. Today, we will discuss about the phase of the existing projects, being already commenced and about the type of the dynamics of future projects, Stavreski said.

Director of the Agency for State Roads Ljupco Georgievski stressed that the landslide will be rehabilitated with budget funds, adding that it will amount to around Denar 57 million.

-We are working on several such projects across the country, such as the three landslides on the road Radovis – Konce, the landslides at Botun and Tasina Cesma on the road Ohrid-Kicevo, the child holiday resort of Pelister and in Mavrovo, on the road from the Dam to Mavrovi Anovi. They are realized with budget funds and the credits the Republic of Macedonia is extended from the World Bank and EBRD, Georgievski said.

Mayor of Kratovo Mite Andonovski stressed that intensive activities are being undertaken for several infrastructure facilities at both local and regional level.

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