Skopje, 27th November 2012 (MIA) – At today’s session of Parliamentary Commission on Financing and Budget, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, pointed out that, in the past six years, VMRO-DPMNE implemented new standards in the politics and realized hundreds of projects, envisaged in their pre-election program. Projects under the program, he said, make the difference between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM.


– As long as SDSM think that VMRO-DPMNE results perceived by the citizens are due to advertisements and propaganda, they will lose the elections. Only hard work and dedication yield results perceived by the citizens. Time when rhetoric was enough and promises were made for everything, as well as when politically empty sentences, without any program and projects, were told citizens, has long past, Stavreski said.


Standards were introduced, he added, which, since 2006, apply to everyone, standards we introduced to prepare a program containing projects with respective deadlines for their realization, the institution in charge thereof and financial resources.


– You present the program to the citizens and if they entrust you their confidence, you deliver your accountability. This did not exist previously in the Macedonian politics … The office is not the place to create policies, but you should rather go among the citizens, endure their looks, criticism and advice and realize, if possible, the things they request, Stavreski said.


This is, he underlined, the difference between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, reiterating to some projects realized by the ruling party.


– Hundreds of thousands of citizens have used the measure to purchase the courtyard lots at the price of EUR 1 per square meter. Measure to reduce excises on import of vehicles provided for 160,000 vehicles to be imported as of 2012 inclusive, most of the vehicles being second-hand, thus enabling the citizens to buy vehicles newer than the one they had or if they had no vehicle, to buy one for the first time. This is how we help citizens directly, something which could have been done by SDSM as well, Stavreski pointed out.


SDSM, he went on, had a possibility to legalize illegally built facilities, a problem existing in Macedonia in the last 40 and so years, something VMRO-DPMN has done.


– Many citizens requested SDSM to resolve this issue. You could not do it during one term of office, you could not do it during the second term of office, … You could have helped the companies and proposed what we have proposed as a measure for the state-owned unconstructed land for economic capacities to be bought at the price of EUR 1 per square meter as initial price. You could have additionally reduced utility fees, as we have done, by 95%. You could have reduced the price of pharmaceuticals, green cards, homologation fees by 50%, insurance premium-related costs, built a sports hall, things we have done, Stavreski stressed.


You could have, he pointed out, built social flats, extended pecuniary benefit to mothers for each third and fourth born child, …. Citizens, he added, would have been much better if, in the past, SDSM also realized as many project as the ones realized by VMRO-DPMNE.

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