Prilep, 2nd February 2015 (MIA) – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, together with Prilep Mayor, Marjan Risteski, and the Municipality Crisis Management Headquarters, are out in the field today to get informed about the situation following the torrential rains and the storm that hit the region this weekend.

He visited Topolcani and Cefigovo, where Blaco channel flows into Crna River.

According to Stavreski, the situation is really serious, but kept under control under these circumstances.

– Torrential rains in Pelagonija region have caused serious consequences and all municipalities and inhabited places in this region face really serious situation. This situation requires increased vigilance and out utmost efforts, Stavreski said.

Deputy Prime Minister underlined that all teams, together with the Mayors and the Crisis Management Headquarters, were mobilized.

– All measures to guarantee the safety of the citizens and to reduce the material damages have been undertaken. Houses, above all basements, have been flooded in several villages in the municipalities of Prilep, Novaci, Mogila and Krivogastani. Water gradually retreats during the day and we hope the worst is behind us, however, we have to stay on the filed to help the citizens, Stavreski said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Stavreski expects for the police, the Army, the Crisis Centers, together with the Crisis Management Headquarters, the public enterprises and the Mayors of the afflicted municipalities to overcome the situation on the ground.

– Under the given circumstance, the situation is under control, however, we have to remain alert. Anyhow, it all depends on the weather conditions, Stavreski stated.

After visiting the Pelagonija region, he headed to Mogila and Novaci Municipalities.

According to the information provided by the Crisis Management Center, regional road Prilep – Krivogastani, near Vrbjani Village, has been closed.

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