Skopje, 9th February 2014 (MIA) – Kriva Palanka municipality obtained seven new streets, which are financed through the Municipal Services Improvement Project, being officially put into operation on Sunday.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, who paid visit to Kriva Palanka, pointed out that this is an investment for all citizens and that so far, many activities have been carried out in Kriva Palanka, however that are many priorities which are yet to be realized.

– Kriva Palanka municipality has obtained Denar 50 million through the Municipal Services Improvement Project, Denar 40 million out of which has been intended for improving the transport and road infrastructure, and Denar 10 million has been used for procurement of new vehicles and equipment for the Public Enterprise “Komunalec”, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said.

By adding that the Government fulfils the promises it makes, he stressed that as for this municipality, the Health Home has been reconstructed, medical equipment has been provided, sports hall and multi-purpose playground have been built, construction of industrial zone has commenced, which will mean recovery of the economy, also announcing that the Emergency Centre in Kriva Palanka will be reconstructed.

Mayor of the municipality Arsenco Aleksovski pointed out that, in 2013, 365 projects were realized in the fields of utility, infrastructure, urbanism, environment, local economic development, education, science, sport and culture.

On Sunday, spur route one and spur route two of “Osogovska” street in Ziten Sklad settlement were put into operation, and streets “Nikola Tesla”, “Nasko Tamburkov”, “Goran Stojanovski”, “Kliment Ohridski” and “Pirinska” have been also built and commissioned. The Project covers nine streets in total.

Funds for this Project have been provided from the World Bank through the Ministry of Finance.

Minister and Mayor also visited the bridge across Kukov Dol, where intensive activities are being undertaken for its construction, being also financed under the Municipal Services Improvement Project.

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