Skopje, 20th February 2013 (MIA) – Investments by Subrata Roy in Macedonia will continue smoothly and they will become a reality, being confirmed by today’s press release of the company, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said.

– Today’s press release confirmed what we previously said, i.e. investments by Subrata Roy in the Republic of Macedonia will continue smoothly. Situation is elaborated and all details are presented therein. It has been also confirmed by Mr. Roy himself that his project both in Ohrid and other places in Macedonia will be realized according to the agreed dynamics, Stavreski replied to a journalist’s question during the commissioning of the wastewater pumping station in Skopje settlement of Dracevo.

He also pointed out that the during project realization, all legal and environmental regulations will be observed, as well as those having land on the locations, where the project is to be realized, will be compensated. The Government will discuss with all it needs to discuss and it will act in line with the legal regulations in Macedonia, as regards the land to be of interest for the construction of the project in Ljubaniste. All legal requirements, as well as all environmental standards, will be observed. All those having land on the locations will be compensated in line with the legal regulations, hence there are no dilemmas regarding this, the Minister said.

As for the accusations by the opposition pertaining to this investment, he said that the Government has been already used to insults and suspicions by the opposition for everything it did, including all investments. Time has shown who was right and it will also show in future that these efforts made for the realization of investments and for attracting investors, as well as opening factories and creating jobs, including this investment by Subrata Roy, will become a reality. I am convinced that we should continue not with the criticism but rather with efforts to realize all projects we have included in the program and to bring as many investments both foreign and domestic, in order to improve the life of the citizens, Minister Stavreski underlined.

This morning the company announced through a press release that Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Limited and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Limited had no outstanding liability.

Total collection of the two companies was US$ 4774,32 million, while the total amount repaid was US$ 4095,81 million. Outstanding liability was in the amount of US$ 678.51 million. The company has already paid more than 50% of this amount to its distant rural area investors and such amounts are in the process of verifications. Interest of 15% on the whole amount is US$ 253,80 million. We have paid to SEBI US$ 948.15 million.

So, as of today, Sahara has nothing to pay, rather Sahara should soon be eligible to take a big refund from SEBI. The news about the mortgage of the properties of these two companies are completely wrong, misconceived and baseless, company’s press release stated.

Last week, it was announced that SEBI India Regulatory Body, upon request by the Supreme Court of India froze the accounts of the companies of the billionaire Subrata Roy.
Indian billionaire announced large investments in Macedonia. He plans to build mondaine tourist centre on the Ohrid Lake near Ljubaniste. The complex will include luxurious hotels, casinos, sports fields, harbour, amusement and recreation facilities, golf courses, spa centers, marine hotels and water casino. It will cover an area of 240 ha, the design of which is prepared by Atkins Engineering Consultancy from the UK. He also announced a construction of Mother Theresa monument in the centre of Skopje, as well as investments in the agriculture sector in Macedonia.

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