Skopje, 3rd December 2014 (MIA) – Today, on the territory of Butel Municipality, total of 650 seedlings will be planted within the “Tree Day” action.

The commencement of the action of planting trees at the roundabout in the Municipality was marked by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski and the Mayor of Butel Municipality, Petre Latinovski.

– Republic of Macedonia has become recognizable, as a country, by its forestation actions stirring ever greater interest  from year to year.  Today, we planted trees with the inhabitants of Butel Municipality, thus making this Municipality more beautiful.  This will become a tradition and from now on, this municipality and all municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the Government, will extend support for forestation and preservation of the environment, Stavreski said.

He pointed out that what is most important is that the children from the Municipality have also been involved in this action, by which the young population is inspired with desire to preserve the environment and love towards the nature.  According to him, this is significant since the climate changes and everything that happens clearly show that we should all pay more attention to the environment. 
Mayor Latinovski stressed that this action achieves its goal since, in addition to the massive inclusion of the citizens, it has an educational nature, also including the smallest participants in the kindergartens and schools.
New habits are being created.  Self-awareness of the population is developed slowly, from day to day, as a result of these actions, Latinovski said.

On the territory of Butel Municipality, trees are planted in the yards of the kindergartens, schools, roundabout, parks, however, according to the Mayor, it is important that interest in planting trees was also shown within the circles of business facilities, operating on the territory of the municipality.

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