Skopje, 16th December 2013 (MIA) – Social transfers in the 2014 Budget are projected in the amount of Denar 77,667 million, including the envisaged increase of pensions and social benefits by 5% to be realized with the March payment of pensions.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, elaborating on the 2014 Draft Budget in the Parliament, underlined that 5% increase was also envisaged for the salaries in the public administration, to be realized with the October payment of salaries.

– As regards the salaries, they will be increased in proportion to the Budget prospects and it has been concluded that 5% increase can be realized with the October payment of salaries. Such increase will distinguish the Republic of Macedonia from the other countries, when, in these troubled times, not only they do not increase, but rather decrease the salaries in the public sector. We have succeeded in these trouble times to increase the salaries in the police, the army, the social workers, in the field of education, …. Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski underlined.

He also added that as a result of the envisaged increase of pensions, salaries and social benefits and subsidies, current expenditures in the 2014 Budget will be higher by 3.9% compared to 2013.

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