Bitola, 2nd February 2015 (MIA) – Municipality of Novaci is well organized, managing to cope with the storm-related challenges, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said at today’s visit to the flooded areas in Pelagonia region.

The field visit to the Municipality of Novaci, as he said, showed that the consequences from the storm and the torrential rains are mostly felt in the fields due to the water spillover. However, the good organization of the Municipality, the Mayor and his staff, the crisis management headquarters, all structures, as well as the inhabitants of the Municipality contributed to minimizing the risks on the life of citizens, their property, the cattle and similar.

He recommended for the organization to further be at highest level, and if necessary, to also require support from the military and the police so as to further control the situation on the ground.

He is confident that the Municipality will handle these challenges.

During today’s stay in Pelagonija, Minister Stavreski also visited several inhabited areas in the Municipality of Mogila, which has also been hit by the storm, in particular the regions of several villages located along the course of Crna River.

– The situation in the Municipality of Mogila is very serious, and the water in several inhabited areas, apart from the fields, has also reached the houses, and some of them have been flooded. There is tangible damage and it is necessary to use mechanization on the ground, as well as to make additional efforts so as to prevent even greater consequences, Stavreski said.

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