Skopje, 5th February 2014 (MIA) – SDSM turns deaf ear to, has no knowledge nor will for the existential issues and problems of the citizens, while VMRO-DPMNE successfully resolves these problems. This was pointed out by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, at today’s parliamentary session, when replying to MP Goran Misovski from NSDP.

SDSM, as he said, is hurt by the fact that, in the past seven years, such projects contributed to realization of many infrastructure projects, which resolved issues related to the living standard of the citizens, provided for improvement of the quality of life of the citizens in Macedonia in many areas.

– In the past period, such project included the construction of the water supply in Canaklija, Vasilevo. Decades-long issue of water supply in Kavadarci was solved. The projects also included construction of regional and local roads throughout Macedonia, sports halls were built in many towns in the country. These projects have contributed to resolving decades-long problems such as water supply, faecal sewerage, which, unfortunately, you and SDSM did not resolve in the last 20 years. Existential issues and problems the citizens face, which you turned deaf ear to and had neither knowledge nor will to resolve, Stavreski said.

These projects, as he went on, after decades of talk, will soon provide for commencement of the realization of the project for construction of railroad tracks towards Bulgaria.

– The projects contribute to reconstruction of the Corridor X Railway. They also provide for the commencement of the construction of the new Clinical Center in Skopje, reconstruction of many hospitals, procurement of equipment for the hospitals and construction of new Clinical Center in Stip, Stavreski stated.

As regards education, such projects, he underlined, provided for reconstruction of schools and construction of social flats.

– This is what hurts you. With respect to foreign investments, what hurts you is that we, with our work, by improving the business climate, by attracting foreign investments, with the lowest taxes in Europe, have managed to attract the investor “Dräxlmaier” in Kavadarci, which has created 3,031 jobs. The investor “Kromberg & Schubert” in Bitola, which has created 822 jobs so far. The investor “Johnsons Controls” in Stip, which has created 900 jobs so far. Investors in Skopje, which have created thousands of jobs. Over five thousand jobs have been created in the zones alone, Stavreski pointed out.

In the course of 2014 as well, Stavreski announced, additional six thousand jobs will be created or in total 11 thousand jobs.

– This is what hurts you and SDSM. This is what we should talk about. Funds were borrowed at your time as well. You accumulated the government debt up to 38%, while it accounts for 34% today. It means that less funds are borrowed in the forms of loans, which, on the other hand are used in more proper manner and the effects are clearly visible, Stavreski stressed

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