Skopje, 26th December 2012 (MIA) – Example of “Adora Engineering” company speaks of achieving sound performance even in conditions of crisis, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski said at his address at the ceremony of the 10th anniversary of “Adora Engineering”.

By achieving highest success between two business years, Stavreski underlined, in times of global economic crisis, “Adora Engineering” in 2011 was among the five most successful and fastest growing companies in Macedonia, with the highest growth rate of total revenues, operating capital and credibility.

– Favourable business climate created by this Government through series of measures aimed at improving liquidity of companies have helped “Adora Engineering” become distinguishable brand leader in high-rise buildings in Macedonia and the region today, Stavreski said.

He emphasized that many tax incentives were introduced in the past seven years, and the introduction of the new concept of taxation alone contributed for the companies, among which “Adora Engineering”, to save EUR 190 million.

Minister of Finance reiterated that procedures for obtaining construction permits were streamlined and the period for their obtaining was shortened in favour of the investors. As for dealing with construction permits, recent “Doing Business” Report presents Macedonia as a country being the most reformed and advanced by achieving the best result in SEE, Stavreski underlined, adding that unlike in the past, when more than 20 procedures were stipulated for obtaining a construction permit, today the process of obtaining a construction permit includes only few procedures and costs thereto are significantly reduced. Such climate, as he said, had positive effects on the construction industry in Macedonia and today, as in the previous years, the sector drives the growth of the Macedonian economy or prevents any more adverse tendencies.

– Such climate had positive effects on the brave investment attempts "Adora Engineering” undertook, which, in March this year, bought five locations of state-owned construction land and started construction of five new elite residential buildings and business facilities in June 2012. In conditions of crisis, “Adora Engineering” invests the most, Stavreski pointed out, underlining that crisis was not an obstacle for both domestic and foreign banks to extend credits to “Adora Engineering” for its sound projects.

“Adora Engineering” General Manager, Vanco Cifliganec, announced that the company would remain dedicated to realizing the on-going projects, as well as the new ones, among which an elite residential building in Centar Municipality, an investment worth US$ 100 million.

– Building an ideal home for a quality life tailor-made for the citizens, by constantly improving and modernizing energy efficient flats, the green buildings, which are a trend in the developed countries, being their priority, remains to be an imperative in our future work, “Deeds speak for themselves” monograph writes, which was promoted by the company at the occasion of the 10th anniversary.

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