Skopje 29th May 2013 (MIA) – Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski believes that there is need to increase the credit growth , and basis for this are the first signs of stabilization of the economy and the total liquidity of banks.

– First signs of economy stabilization are already visible, meaning that the risks gradually reduce. We have funds to realize this, since the banks have the highest liquidity from historical point of view. Obviously we should mutually check with the banks and the companies, as well as with the National Bank, where there is need for adjusting certain instruments, measures and policies. If, we, as Ministry of Finance and the National Bank could help in this process, we will surely do everything we can. However, the main dialogue as regards this, should be among the banks and the enterprises, to end of providing financial resources for sound and good projects, Minister of Finance said answering journalist’s question following the presentation of the Strategy for Development of Payment System in the Republic of Macedonia in the period 2013-2017.

According to the Chairman of the Banking Association Gorgi Jancevski, the obtained information on the industrial production are optimistic and increased crediting by banks will follow in the period to come.

– Banks extend the credits on the basis of certain criteria and as Minister of Finance said, in the past year and before, we had, in a manner, historically increased liquidity. Reduced extension of credits was a result, i.e. reflection of the development in the business sector. Business sector experienced just a slight growth, hence the banks cannot increase the crediting by 10%, Jancovski said.

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