Skopje, 1st December 2012 (MIA) – Technological industrial development zones showed excellent results and provided for creation of 1,720 jobs. In the coming years, these results will be affirmed with additional employments envisaged in all factories operating in the zones, as well as at the other foreign investments. By the end of next year, 6,000 jobs will be created in TIDZs.


This was underlined by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, on Saturday during the debate on the 2013 Draft Budget at the session of the Parliamentary Commission on Financing and Budget.


According to Stavreski, 1,720 jobs were created so far in the factories operating in the technological industrial development zones, as well as in the industrial zones, since part of the factories are located in industrial zones in which exemptions, applicable in technological industrial development zones, do not fully apply.


Talking about new employments, he indicated that “Johnson Controls” in Stip employed 450 persons, and with the envisaged additional 150 employments in 2013, the investor would provide for total of 600 jobs in this city. “Johnson Controls” in Skopje, he pointed out, created 323 jobs, while “Johnson Metty” created 294 jobs in Skopje, and there would be additional 100 employments next year in their second factory.


“Dräxlmaier” in Kavadarci already created 204 jobs, and we expect for additional 100 employments to be realized by the end of the year. By July 2013, number of employees will increase to 2,000, while by July 2014 there will be 4,000 new jobs created, Stavreski said.


“Kemet Electronics” created 100 new jobs in the technological industrial zone in Skopje, he added. Sixty new job positions are filled for now at “Kromberg & Shubert” in Bitola and, according to the announcements by the investor, we expect for this number to reach 200 jobs. Total number of employees will surge to 500 by March 2013, in the middle of the year it will increase to 800 employees, reaching 1,000 employees by the end of next year. “Kromberg & Shubert” will continue with this dynamics in 2014 as well, when number of employees, according to their business plan they presented us, is expected to reach 2,500, Stavreski said, pointing out the 50 new jobs announced by "Protek Group" Russian company, 250 new jobs in “Teknohose” and 250 new jobs in “Van Hool” in 2013.


– If we sum up all investments and several smaller ones, by this moment, as I said, 1,720 jobs have been created, to reach 2,205 jobs by the end of the year. By the end of 2013, 6,000 jobs will be created in the technological industrial development zones, Stavreski announced.


He is convinced that investors in other technological industrial development zones, being built in the other cities, will also show interest.


– Concept of building by the state gives better results in some countries, while in others, I would say, most of the technological zones are granted to private investors who develop the zone and, on the basis of the contacts established and on the basis of their opportunities, they fill the zone together with the state. Hence, I believe there will be good news in the coming period for the other cities in the Republic of Macedonia. For us, what is going on is a positive trend, i.e. more and more factories are being opened in the interior in the Republic of Macedonia, Vice Prime Minister pointed out.


There are also announcements, as he said, by a foreign investor in the southwest part of the country, who will create around 500 jobs. It is obvious that there are more and more investments in the smaller cities. I believe new jobs will be created in Tetovo, Kicevo and other cities where we have envisaged for technological industrial development zones to be established, Stavreski underlined.

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