Skopje, 20th January 2013 (MIA) – Today, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, visited the home of Ivan and Ivana Stojanovski from Skopje. This young married couple lives in their home for almost half a year thanks to the “Buy a House, Buy a Flat” Project.

– Ivan and Ivana were among the first to apply for the “Buy a House, Buy a Flat” Project. At the public awarding of credits, I promised to visit them and that is why I am here today, as well as at the occasion of the birth of the youngest member of the family, Maksim, who is two months old, Minister Stavreski said during the visit to Stojanovski family.

He expressed his satisfaction that “Buy a House, Buy a Flat” Project could be seen as a platform for support to family values.

– The home and our closest ones are the essence of our lives. “Buy a House, Buy a Flat” Project is based on providing an opportunity. The Government provides opportunity to hundreds of such families to obtain their home and start building their future. To have knowledge of life is to recognize a good opportunity and to take it, the Minister underlined.

Ivan and Ivana, as he pointed out, are one of the 110 families to have taken this opportunity and thanks to it, they have built their home. – It is an enormous pleasure that “Buy a House, Buy a Flat” Project has provided a home for them and it will continue to provide homes for hundreds of other families in future as well. This is what makes the Project successful, Stavreski underlined.

Expressing her gratitude for the visit, Ivana Stojanovska said that Ivan and she were married, but, since they had no flat, each of them lived with their parents. – When we were dating, we were seeing each other out, and afterwards went to our parents’ homes. Thanks to „Buy a House, Buy a Flat“ Project we have bought our flat and have become a real family for almost half a year since we moved in. Two months ago, we had new member to our family, Maksim, and now this is our home, Ivana said.

Ivan Stojanovski said that „Buy a House, Buy a Flat“ Project was an opportunity for a beginning. – We applied for the model covering payment of half of the monthly installment and obtained a subsidy from the Government in the amount of EUR 6,000. Such support is of significance for somebody who commences a life together. In any case, you gain benefits, he added.

Minister Stavreski gave Stojanovski family “St. Jovan” icon as a present at the occasion of the holiday to protect the home, as well as a present for the youngest member of the family, Maksim.

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