Skopje, 3rd April 2016 (MIA) – 150,000 new jobs were created in the last ten years in Macedonia. Current Government has created a system to tackle the major problem that arose from the transition – the issue of unemployment. As it can be seen, this system functions successfully, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, pointed out.

– During the past ten years, 150,000 new jobs were created. Last year alone, 20,000 jobs were created. More than 16,000 jobs were created through the “Macedonia Employs” Project. Over 24,000 job were created on the basis of the measure for employment of young people up to the age of 29 together with the „Macedonia Employs“ Project. Active employment measures of EARM provided for creation of total of 34,600 new jobs. 16,000 jobs were created on the basis of foreign direct investments. In addition, foreign firms cooperate with the domestic firms, thus creating additional work for them, as well as a need to create new jobs. 7,000 new jobs were created through MBDP credit line, under favourable terms and conditions, for SMEs, Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski said in the interview for “Vecer”.

Stavreski underlined that thanks to the low tax burden on the companies, they have more funds available for investments and creating new jobs.

As he stressed, the goal is for the unemployment to continue to decline and to be reduced to 22% in the next two years.

“Macedonia Employs” Project, which is part of the Government’s active measures for unemployment reduction, will be closed in two weeks. Stavreski assessed the Project implementation as a successful one, providing benefits for both the firms and the citizens.

– The Project has included all categories of citizens. More than 12,000 young people up to the age of 29 have been employed. Around 2,700 persons at the age between 50 and 58 and 700 persons over the age of 58 have got employed.  These are people who would have probably never found a job without this Project, Stavreski pointed out.


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