Kocani, 9th December 2013 (MIA) – Yesterday, newly asphalted streets "Krum Vraninski" and "Miso Arsov" with a total length of 800 meters were commissioned in the settlement "Usova cesma" in Kocani.

Streets were put into operation by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski and the Mayor of Kocani Municipality Ratko Dimitrovski.

– Decades-long problem of the inhabitants from this settlement has been solved. Street “Krum Vraninski” was built with funds approved by the Government through the World Bank’s Project, as a grant to Kocani Municipality, in the amount of Denar 3.5 million. This was a result of the quality preparation of the Project for Reconstruction of Part of the Water Supply System in Middle Pressure Zone, in which the Government, through the World Bank approved EUR 600 thousand to Kocani Municipality, Stavreski said.

He announced investment of fresh EUR 600 thousand, to be used for asphalting nine streets in the town next year, as Government’s support. Stavreski mentioned once again that the construction of the highway Stip-Kocani will start in two months, and that activities will be undertaken for extending the road from Stip to Kocani and Delcevo.

Mayor Dimitrovski said that Kocani Municipality invested from its own budget additional Denar 3.6 million for asphalting the street “Miso Arsov” and constructing 2,200 meters as pavements. He announced completion of another two streets in Kocani Municipality by the end of the year.

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