Ministry of Finance paid Denar 170.7 million as subsidies to 7,133 persons on several bases.

Denar 71.9 million was paid as subsidies for agricultural crops to 2,853 farmers. Financial support per hectare arable agricultural land for agricultural crops amounts to Denar 9,000.

Denar 12.6 million was paid as subsides for market gardening in open-air fields and under hothouses to 758 gardeners. Subsidies for this measure amounts from Denar 6,000 to 25,000 per hectare.

Denar 24.2 million was paid to 557 vine-growers for maintenance of existing vine plantations. Financial support the vine-growers obtain for this measure amounts to Denar 40 thousand per hectare.

Subsidies in the amount of Denar 38 million for produced and sold sheep, cow’s and goat’s milk were paid to 1,803 stock-breeders in total. Subsidy amounts to Denar 3.5 per liter of milk.

Denar 23.8 million was paid as subsidies for breeding sheep to 1,162 stock-breeders, whereby the support amounts to Denar 1,000 per head.
Government, by regularly paying subsidies to farmers, remains committed to supporting the agriculture, which is one of the driving branches of Macedonian economy.

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