1st August 2014 – Ministry of Finance paid Denar 199.1 million as subsidies to 13,781 farmers on several bases.

Denar 67,674, 764 was paid to 3.412 farmers for arable land of agricultural crops .

Denar 29,416,167 was paid to 1,540 farmers for market gardening in open-air fields and under hothouses.

Denar 9,948,594 was paid to 4,734 farmers for arable agricultural land with fodder.

Payment was also made for maintenance of fruit plantations in the amount of Denar 2 million, maintenance of Vine plantations n the amount of Denar 3.6 million and sold raw tobacco from harvest 2012 in the amount of Denar 1.66 million.

As for measures for supporting cattle breeding Denar 85 million was paid for the following: Denar 56,879,760 was paid to 2,233 farmers for еar-tagged herds of bovine animals. Subsidies for hold lamb was paid to 1,175 farmers in the amount of Denar 25,729,900. In addition, Denar 1.1 million was paid for formed herds for production of beef and Dena3 1.3 million for calf obtained with artificial insemination.

Government of the Republic of Macedonia and Ministry of Finance continue to support the agriculture by paying subsidies for encouraging this driving economic branch.

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