Skopje, 23rd June 2012 (MIA) – Ministry of Finance paid Denar 206 million as subsidies to 11,803 farmers upon several bases.

Denar 141 million was paid for produced and sold grapes in wine cellars. The amount of the support is Denar two per kilogram. Most of these funds were paid in Kavadarci or Denar 67 million and Negotino or Denar 51 million, Ministry of Finance announced.

Denar 56 million was paid for planting new wine-growing areas and maintaining the existing ones. Subsidy amounts to Denar 40,000 per hectare, being aimed at maintaining the existing wine plantations and Denar 140,000 per hectare for planting new areas with wine varieties, i.e. Denar 160,000 per hectare for table varieties.

Denar 9 million was paid as subsidies for raised and slaughtered broilers. The support amounts to Denar 25 per broiler, and the payment was made in all regions.

Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Finance continue to both support the agriculture and maintain the liquidity in the economy, the press release stated.

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