Skopje, 3rd April 2013( MIA) – Ministry of Finance paid Denar 209 million to 4,980 cattle breeders for breeding sheep, cattle, bees and sows.


As the Ministry announced, Denar 98 million was paid to 616 cattle breeders for growing sheep. Financial support for this measure amounts to Denar 1,000 per herd, for all categories of sheep, plus Denar 700 for each left female lamb.


The press release also stated that Denar 52 million was paid to 2,589 cattle breeders for breeding cattle. Financial support for this measure amounts to Denar 2,700 per herd.


Yesterday, Denar 55 million was paid to 1,349 bee keepers for breeding bees. Subsidy amounts to Denar 600 per registered bee family.


Yesterday, Ministry transferred Denar 4 million to the accounts of 426 cattle breeders for breeding sows. Financial support amounts to Denar 900 per herd.


Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Finance, by regularly paying subsidies, remains committed to supporting the agriculture, which is one of the driving branches of Macedonian economy, the press release stated.


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