Skopje, 14th March 2013 (MIA) – Today, Ministry of Finance paid subsidies in the amount of Denar 455.3 million as support to cattle breeding. Funds were paid to the cattle and sheep breeders, and the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski announced that the payment to the vine-growers will also start next week.

– Government regularly pays the subsidies, as envisaged and according to the seasonal dynamics for payment of subsidies. Budget is in totally good condition and we make the payments. In this period of the year, we pay subsidies to dairymen, being already completed. Yesterday and today, the payment to cattle breeders is ongoing. Previously, we paid the scholarships to the students and during the next days the payment to vine-growers will start, Stavreski said today.

Yesterday and today, Ministry of Finance paid funds to 12.403 cattle breeders for breeding cattle and sheep. Denar 196.1 million was paid to 10.693 cattle breeders for breeding cattle as follows: Denar 2.800 per herd of bovine animal and Denar 259.2 million to 1,710 persons for breeding sheep, i.e. Denar 1000 per herd and additional Denar 700 for each left female lamb.

– Government of the Republic of Macedonia continues to support the agriculture, as one of the driving economic branches, by making regular payments in the form of subsidies, Ministry of Finance’ press release stated.

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