Radovis, 26th January 2013 (MIA) – On Saturday, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski , Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and the Director of Public Enterprise for State Roads Ljupco Georgevski, put Surdulci -Radicevo section on the national road Stip-Strumica, in use.

Section is long around 10 kilometers and wide 7.7 meters. New crash barriers were carried out, as well as new signalization with projected speed at 100 km per hours. Two intersections at Kalugerica and Radicevo, one underpass, one overpass and five bridges and 13 passages were built. Project is worth around Denar 455 million.

Regional road Radovis- Strumica, according to Prime Minister Gruevski, today presents one of the most beautiful sections in this region of the country.

-Old paved road remains so as to remind us of the past. Before us, there is the new road across which the citizens will move much faster and safer. People drove at a speed of 30 or 40 kilometers per hour on the old road, there were many car accidents and the drivers were struggling to avoid the holes and bumps so as not to damage their vehicles, Gruevski stressed.

He pointed out that the Government will continue to continue and asphalt the roads so as for the inhabited areas to be better connected and developed, for farmers and traders to be able to more easily and more quickly transport their products in the country and abroad and for citizens to be able to communicate among each other as quick and safe as possible.

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stravreski pointed out that the promise made to the citizens that the paving, i.e. the old road will be replaced with new and modern one, has been fulfilled.

– Delay in the construction was a result of the problems with the previous contractor and the European economic crisis, however, the promise made to the citizens and the responsibility we feel towards them, were stronger than anything, they were our guide to overcome these problems, and we did overcome all difficulties and problems, Stavreski said.

Construction of this road, as Minister Janakieski said, being significant for all citizens of southeastern Macedonia means commitment, and it is this commitment that makes us different from the other political parties.

– We strive to realize each project that will become part of our Programme, since we offer specific projects and make precise promises to the citizens, and we do everything we can to realize them, Janakieski said.

Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads Ljupco Georgievski announced that the asphalting of the existing paving of the old road, to be further used locally among the inhabited areas, will soon start.

– This year, construction of the already commenced regional roads will be completed, those being Radovis-Konce-Lubnica, afterwards Angelci- Veljusa – Vodoca – Banica, Struga- Debar and Kavadarci Ljusev Grob, being 73.4 km long in total, an investment, which is worth EUR 10.2 million, Gruevski said.

He stressed that there is ongoing design process of Veles-Kadrifakovo section, being 23 km long.

– By the middle of the year, the design process should be completed, and afterwards tender for contractor should be announced, and in the second half of this year, construction should be commenced of the section that will have four lanes with total width of 11.2 meters, almost twice the width compared to the existing section, at which there are 11 black spots, Georgievski said.
This year, he added, improvement of the local road network of 108 local roads with total length of around 160 kilometers, will continue, for which EUR 14 million will be allocated.

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