6th November 2018, Skopje – Citizens, as well as the business sector will benefit from the new tax reform. As Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski said at today’s meeting with the economic chambers, most developed and prosperous economies apply fair taxation system.  This means for the citizens generating highest income to proportionally invest more, all to the end of better health, education and public services.

-We share the similar idea,  and we need the Economic Chamber‘s support to achieve this. If we do not undertake corrective measures, it may happen for the children to have worse living conditions than their parents. With a salary as a Minister, I cannot provide for my children to go to a private schools, let alone the huge number of people, having much lower salary than mine. This means that we must introduce fair taxation for future generations to have higher living standard. We heard the voice of people and businessmen, therefore, we increased the threshold. Progressive rate will cover only 1% of the people, generating highest income.

Minsiter Tevdovski underlined that the purpose of the  government reform is fair taxation as a step forward in building more just society, strengthening of public education, public health, social sector, providing higher wages and better living standard. He also stressed that no one should have a dilemma about the spending of public funds, referring to the additional revenues to be collected as a result of the new government measure.

At the occasion of presenting the tax reform, Tevdovski met the representatives of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia today.


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