8th May 2019, Sarajevo – New four-year Country Strategy with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will be adopted by end-May, Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, announced at the EBRD Annual Meeting, taking place in Sarajevo. The new Strategy includes more projects, which are to underpin three priorities: enhancing competitiveness, strengthening regional integration and supporting EU approximation and supporting green economy transition, Tevdovski said.

– Within the project and in line with the priority – enhancing competitiveness, business skills are to be improved, access to employment is to be enhanced for young persons, women and population living in underserved areas, as well as competitiveness of the private sector is to be increased. As regards strengthening regional integration and supporting EU approximation, projects will be implemented aimed at improving connectivity by investing in transport and energy infrastructure, digitalization and harmonization of business practices.  Projects on sustainable energy and greater efficiency when managing resources are aimed at strengthening renewable energy capacities, increasing energy efficiency and effectiveness of resources, as well as eco infrastructure at local level, Tevdovski said, adding that realization of all these projects will contribute to a just and sustainable economic growth and better life for the citizens.

Minister of Finance had his address at the Western Balkans Outlook Session with the Western Balkans EBRD Governors, with Ministers of Finance of Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo, and Minster of Economy and Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also taking part. Talking about Western Balkans investment outlook, Tevdovski pointed out that the Government made a step forward in foreign policy when resolving the name dispute, thus bringing political stability to the country. He underlined that NATO accession changes the economic perspectives of the country, as well as that series of measure has been undertaken, investments in human capital are made, contributing to accelerated and sustainable economic growth.

-We invest more in education, health and social services. What is of especial importance is that we commence new projects in education which are to increase employment of young people. I would like to point out the project on dual education, which, in addition to standard secondary education, will provide for the young people to gain skills at the best foreign companies in the countries. It will provide for improvement of their abilities and facilitate the job finding process in future, Tevdovski underlined. 

Tevdovski also stressed out that Republic of North Macedonia is an excellent investment destination, with an excellent business climate and conditions for doing business, as well as qualified labour force.

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