5th June 2018, Skopje – Citizens can again submit applications for privatization of construction land, while VAT rate on flats remains to be preferential at 5% in the next five years, Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, said today. As he explained, legal amendments were made so as to meet the needs of the citizens. 

– Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the law, thus providing the citizens the possibility to submit applications for privatization of state-owned construction land. Deadline for submission of the applications expired in December 2014 and the citizens could not submit the applications in the meantime. Now, the applications can be submitted again by December 2021 inclusive. In addition, in order to meet the needs of the citizens, the Ministry has also amended the VAT Law, maintaining the preferential VAT rate of 5% by 2023 inclusive, Tevdovski said.

The Minister pointed out that, in the past period, many citizens, who did not manage to submit application for land privatization, requested for the deadline to be extended. In addition, preferential VAT rate on first sale of flat is maintained in the interest of the citizens.

As the Minister underlined, legal amendments pertaining to privatization of construction land also envisage for the application of the provisions on determining rent to those not having privatized the land to be suspended. Deadline for submission of application for transformation of the right to use into the right to ownership is also extended by December 2022 inclusive. 

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