25 th July 2018, Skopje – “Murat Ticaret” entrance in Macedonia is a win-win for both the investor and the country, Minister of Finance said at the launch of the construction of the Turkish factory for manufacture of cables and electrical installations for automotive industry in TIDZ Skopje 2.

Tevdovski pointed out that what the Government expects from the foreign investments is a creation of not only new but also better paid jobs.

– The citizens, as well as the economy, i.e. the business sector in Macedonia benefit therefrom. This and each fresh Greenfield or Brownfield investment mean more jobs created for the citizens. However, the Government is not only committed to creating new jobs, but it also strives for better paid jobs. In fact, the country will refund 20% of the net wage to all newly employees in the company, but only if the wage they earn is higher than Denar 18,000. As for “Murat Ticaret”, I wish them as much higher utilization of Government’s support as possible – Tevdovski said.

Tevdovski stressed that export grew by 14% in the first five months. He said that the Government wants for this positive trend to be retained in future as well, with the new factory of “Murat Ticaret” contributing hereto, the manufacture of which is intended for the European and the American markets.

-We also expect for domestic companies to benefit therefrom. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in Macedonia, which could be excellent suppliers. What foreign investors provide to the domestic companies is jobs, know how as well as an opportunity for connecting with the foreign markets. And as you can see, there is again a win-win for both the investor and the domestic companies – Minister of Finance said, adding that educated labour force, favorable business climate and Government’s support is to be provided to “Murat Ticaret”.

Minister underlined that this year, the Government allocated record sum of budget funds aimed at supporting the investments, and the support measures for allocation ofsuch funds are transparent and fair.

Launch event was also attended by Prime Minister Zoran Zev,
Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angusev and Minister of Economy Kresnik Bektesi.

Planned investment will amount to around EUR 7 million.   The construction lot covers 34,000 square meters, whereby the facility itself will be built in three stages and will cover a total area of 18,000 m2, the first construction stage envisaged to be 6,200 m2.  Company operates in Europe, China, North America, having several factories in Turkey, China, Mexico with more than 220 persons employed.  The newest factory in Macedonia is initially planned to provide for creating 300 new jobs.


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