2nd April 2018, Skopje – We have to stop making projections on the short term – year by year. In order for the financial management system to be strengthened, Ministry of Finance has prepared reform strategy, promoting transparency and improving medium-term budget framework, Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, pointed out at the First Conference at the occasion of Adopting the First Budget of the Republic of Macedonia, organized by the Ministry of Finance.

– Ministry of Finance has commenced longer-term forecasting. For the first time since Macedonia gained independence, Ministry of Finance has developed Public Financial Management Reform Programme. It covers the period from 2018 until 2021, including all significant elements of the system, starting from fiscal transparency, by introducing medium–term budgeting and changes in the public procurement system, all the way to strengthening the functioning of the public internal financial control, the PRO and the Customs Administration. It is aimed at medium-term strengthening of the public financial system in line with the EU Standards – Tevdovski said.

Tevdovski underlined that the Adoption of the First Budget was not celebrated so far, although it was of historical importance in building our country. As he pointed out, the Budget is one of the foundations of the Macedonian society.

– The Budget is the blood stream of the functioning of the state, since salaries of teachers of our children, equipment used in the public health sector, employment measures, social assistance, support for businesses when creating jobs and investing, construction of sewerage, irrigation systems, schools, hospitals, roads and energy facilities depend thereon. And many other matters surely depend on the Budget, directly influencing the quality of life of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia – Tevdovski said.

As Tevdovski underlined in his opening remarks, Macedonia can be a society with less differences between the poor and the rich.

– Fair taxation, coupled by transparency and accountability when spending the public funds, can exist in Macedonia. Macedonia can be a place where young people will have an opportunity to make their professional career, and their labour can be fairly paid, striving for achieving the European standards, Tevdovski pointed out.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Zoran Zaev, President of the Assembly Talat Xhaferi, World Bank Country Director for Western Balkans, Europe and Central Asia Linda van Gelder and former Ministers of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia Taki Fiti, Petar Goshev, Nikola Popovski and Trajko Slaveski had their address at the First Conference organized by the Ministry of Finance.

First Budget of the Republic of Macedonia was adopted on 2nd April 1992.



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