Skopje, 25th August 2012 (MIA) – Technological – Industrial Zone Skopje 1 completed the infrastructure structure. Today, the new administrative building, which will contribute to improving the conditions for running business in the zone, was put into use. It will include customs terminal with a capacity of 60 freight vehicles, forwarding, banking and postal services, restaurants, around 40 offices and other auxiliary premises necessary for the companies to operate in the zone.


According to Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, thus the zone has one more ace to attract new investors and to provide for better conditions for the already existing companies therein.


– We believe that by construction and the adequate infrastructure equipping of the zones we will meet the ever greater interest in investing in the country, and thus we will provide for opening as many factories and creating as many jobs as possible in Macedonia, Prime Minister Gruevski stressed, during his address at the opening ceremony of the new administrative building in TIDZ Skopje 1.


He went on that this way of structure will apply for all other zones across Macedonia, pointing out that the Government will continue to be committed to working on sound economic policies, to be partner with the businessman, to cherish the good business climate and constant promotion of Macedonia and Macedonian companies for running business abroad.


This zone is the first one that started to be built in Macedonia, being in an advanced stage – having its own road artery, electrical, water supply, sewerage and gas supply network. American companies "Johnson Controls” and “Kemet Electronics”, British “Johnson Metti”, Italian "TeknoHose”, Russian "Protek Group", Indian "Maderson Group" already operate therein, and many others show interest in entering the zone, Gruevski pointed out. One of the needs for all of them, as he said is construction of administrative building in the zone, in which the Government has invested Denar 69.5 million.


According to Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, this investment is aimed at creating better conditions for running business in the zone. – Benefits from the TIDZ concept are evident. In the period 2007-2011, foreign direct investments in the country amounted to EUR 1.5 billion on cumulative basis, increasing by 93% compared to the period 2003-2006, and what is important is that it happens in times when the global economy experiences its most difficult moments since the Great Depression, Stavreski pointed out.


He stressed that foreign direct investments the Government brought to this country will create 10,000 new jobs, most of which are in this zone. In addition to the job creation, companies operating in the zone will contribute to boosting the export. – Last year alone, Johnson Metti participated in the total export with US$ 642 million, while the share of Johnston Controls amounted to US$ 85 million, meaning that only these two companies participated with 16% in the total export last year, amounting to US$ 4.45 billion. These are the very reasons, i.e. job creation, increase in production, export and other benefits arising from the foreign direct investments, why the Governments remained to be committed thereto. Therefore, we will work on ensuring better conditions for running business to be in favour of both foreign and national investors, Minister of Finance said.


32 % out of the total 140 hectares in TIDZ Skopje is rented, while 20% are already occupied by foreign companies. Director of TIDZ Directorate Viktor Mizo stressed that they expect to have positive decision by the end of this year and to start the construction by the end of the construction season. He added that it is mainly a matter of companies in the car industry from Europe and North America and that some of them have reached internal fundamental decisions, however, the moment of announcing the overall process depends on them.


As for "Kemet" investment, Mizo pointed out that the overall building is completed and it has been working for 1.5 month already and that they have engaged around 70 employees and new people are to be engaged. Construction of “Protek Group” is nearing completion, while the one of “MM Fiber" is carried out according to the envisaged dynamics. As for “Maderson”, as Mizo pointed out, there was certain delay of the deadline, however, they started the construction activities and it is expected for them to be completed and become operational by the end of the second quarter of next year. – Reason for this is that this year, in Europe, in the first two quarters, sale of cars reduced by around 10%, being their final clients, Mizo said.


According to him, by entering into the second phase of “Johnson Metti” and through the investments of other companies in TIDZ Skopje 1, the export is expected to experience two-fold increase in the period 2013-2014.


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