Skopje, 30th May 2017 (MIA) – Improvement of the legal framework in the filed of indirect and direct taxation through harmonization with the EU Directives and enhancement of the capacities of the Tax and Customs Policy Department within the Ministry of Finance  and the Public Revenue Office, is aimed at efficiently implementing the tax laws and the tax collection,

These are the goals of the common Twinning Light Project “Further Harmonization of the Tax Legislation with the EU Acquis”, implemented by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia and the Center for International and European Economic Law and the Independent Authority for Public Revenue from Greece, as being pointed out at today’s final conference in Skopje.

Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski said that the Project is of great significance taking into account the need of the Republic of Macedonia to continuously implement the EU Directives in the national legislation as an EU candidate country.

– Analysis and assessments were carried out with respect to the compliance of the EU Directives with the existing legislation, referring to personal income tax, tax procedure, profit tax and value added tax, especially as regards the sales of services, i.e. the new VAT rules introduced in 2015 in the field of telecommunications, transmission and electronic services, followed by the prepared draft amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax, the Law on Profit Tax, the Law on VAT and the Law on Tax Procedure, Minoski said.

He stressed that he expects further enhancement of the capacities of the Ministry of Finance and PRO for the purpose of efficiently implementing the proposed amendments in the national legislation in the field of direct and indirect taxation, as well as performing efficient tax collection.

Jaromir Levicek, Head of Operations at the EU Delegation to Skopje, said that each government should strive towards creating a tax system based upon the principles of transparency, accountability and equal tax competition.

– Creating an efficient and transparent tax system is important not only for the EU outlook, but also as a basis for efficient Ministry of Finance. This means greater accountability, also reducing the risk from frauds and corruption.  This Project significantly contributes to overcoming these challenges, Levicek said.

Ambassador of Greece to Macedonia Dimitris Yannakakis said that the Project completion is of great significance since it means successful implementation of the first Twining Project implemented by institutions from our two countries.

Project has been realized during an 8-month period staring November 2016, being funded by the EU with EU 249,960.


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