18th March 2021, Skopje – New Law on Performing Accounting Services, harmonized with the EU Directives and the European practice, aimed at promoting the accounting professions, is in the process of preparation, in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce. Ministry of Finance, through an inclusive process of cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and the stakeholders with their opinions and proposals for the overall process, undertakes activities which will provide for a sustainable development and self-regulation of the accounting profession, introduction and implementation of professional standards and protection of public interest. To that end, meeting with all stakeholders was held Thursday at the Ministry of Finance.

– I am confident that we have a unique goal – to determine, in a joint process of cooperation, the solutions to be of interest to all our peers, those who want and will want to pursue this profession, as well as to all those using the accounting services. Thereby, we have an obligation for the solutions to be compliant with the common European rules on providing services and internationally accepted standards in this area. The new Law is to ensure free entry in the accounting profession, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, pointed out.

He went on saying that it is necessary for the process of professional development to be continuously strengthened, in line with the internally accepted standards, and to ensure inclusiveness and transparency of the operations of the Institute of Accountants and Chartered Accountants.

– Under the new provisions, the Institute will commence translating, and will be obliged to translate on continuous basis, the International Financial Reporting Standards and introduce the required standards for becoming member of the IFAC Institute, he said.

The draft Law, as the Minister said, will be submitted to the Chambers of Commerce in the course of next year, expecting their comments and proposals by the end of March, when the draft Law is to be published on ENER (Single National Registry of Regulations).

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