28th November 2021, Skopje – New Emergency Fund for Support of Farmers is to be established in 2022. Funds worth Denar 250 million have been provided under the amendment to the 2022 Draft Budget, for which there is ongoing debate in the respective Financing and Budget Committee.

-Discussion with well-founded arguments will provide for a sound solution thereof. We are all aware that agriculture is an important sector in our economy and that there is a need to intervene when the market is disrupted, particularly with the prices reaching a level, by which farmers are not able to cover the respective costs,” Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi saic during the amendment-related debate, being launched in the Financing and Budget Committee.

He stressed that the establishment of the Emergency Fund in the Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development in 2022, will provide for higher farmers’ standard of living.

Thus, a new Instrument will be put into place, in addition to the already existing agricultural subsidies, being at all-time record high level in 2020 and 2021. Thereby, in times of pandemic, Denar 8.8 billion was paid in 2020, with Denar 8.5 billion being allocated under the 2021 Supplementary Budget.

During the debate, Minister pointed out that increasing trend was also recorded at the funds geared towards green development.

-In 2021, Green Development Program was introduced under the Budget for the first time, projected at Denar 685 million, with the funds being projected at Denar 3.6 billion in 2022. Generally speaking, funds geared towards green developmental and environment protection are recording increasing trend. Thus, funds were projected at Denar 980 million in 2018, Denar 1.1. billion in 2019, Denar 1.5 billion in 2020, 2 billion in 2021, while being projected at Denar 3.6 billion in the upcoming 2022.

Additional Denar 1.7 billion are to be allocated for air pollution alone, via new Programme aimed thereto.

Minister underlined that World Bank’s funds were also provided, being aimed at energy efficiency of public buildings. Projected EUR 25 million is to provide for energy efficiency of public buildings, among which health institutions as well, with the Project also covering the replacement of the manner of heating in the buildings, so as for them to become environment-friendly.

Project is to be implemented as of 2022, with the applications being submitted therefor by the respective municipalities.

Debate upon the submitted amendments, which was launched yesterday, lasts, as per the Rules of Procedure, for five days. Total of 223 amendments to the Draft Budget have been submitted.

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