25th February 2022, Skopje – Starting next month, minimum wage of the employees will increase as a result of the decision adopted by the Government pertaining to increase of the minimum wage and financial assistance for the companies to implement this measure, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, and PRO Director, Sanja Lukarevska, announced today, visiting two companies Ju-ka dooel Veles and Uka Komerc in Saraj, which welcomed the support provided by the Government for the implementation of the respective measure.

“Minimum wage in March will amount to Denar 18,000 for the employees in both the public and the private sector, thus demonstrating the Government’s regard for both the employees and raising the living standard in the country. Moreover, such measure takes place amid health and energy crisis, even more clearly displaying our commitment as Government to raise the wages in the country. It is a systemic solution within the competence of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, which safeguards, on the basis of a set methodology, the minimum wage against inflation and links it with the increase in labour productivity”, Minister Besimi said.

The Government has a partnership relation with the business sector. Therefore, and taking into account the overall existing situation, EUR 16 million is allocated in the Budget for the purpose of subsidizing part of the increased social contributions due to the minimum wage raise.

“Partnership relation and support to the business sector continue, which have been clearly demonstrated during the pandemic as well, with set of measures adopted in the amount of more than one billion euros, helping the business sector and encouraging the economic activity”, the Minister said, pointing out the reduction of customs tariff rates on 258 raw materials and intermediate goods used by the national companies, contributing to reduction of their costs as well, creating a possibility to expand their production, new jobs, etc. He also mentioned the investment possibilities available to the companies through the Development Bank.

The measure pertaining to increased minimum wage will be implemented through the Public Revenue Office which, as Director Lukarevska pointed out, has successfully implemented government anti-crisis measures and stands ready to implement this measure as well.

“The measure will be implemented through the Public Revenue Office upon submission of MPIN form (Monthly Calculation of Integrated Payment), with the financial assistance for part of the increased social contributions due to the net minimum wage raise paid by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The procedure is simple, i.e. a special code is entered for the employees for who the employer requires financial assistance. We are working on preparing the code at the moment and it will be communicated as soon as prepared. At the end of the month, after the wage is paid, PRO submits a report on requested financial assistance to MLSP, which is to pay the respective assistance to the employer, PRO Director said.

She added that the Government will fully subsidize the part of the increased social contributions due to the minimum wage raise from Denar 15,200 (as paid now) to Denar 18,000 to be paid in March, thus meeting the needs of the companies and the employees.

The Parliament adopted the Draft Law on Modifications and Amendments to the Law on Minimum Wage this week.

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