28th March 2022, Skopje – Commitment of the new Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to continuing on its path to EU, as the only alternative, as well as reforms implemented to align with the EU standards, were affirmed at today’s meeting between Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, and Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Jaroslav Ludva.

Minister Besimi underlined that Government’s expectations are for EU, through the French Presidency, to continue the efforts for opening the accession negotiations, while the Macedonian side is continuing the dialogue with Bulgaria. The Czech Republic, which is to hold the EU Presidency starting 1st July 2022, has affirmed its support to North Macedonia’s EU perspectives. Moreover, the need for intensified regional integration has been reaffirmed, all to the end of scaled-up investments and economic growth, which will be in support of our strategic goal, accession to the European Union.

During the meeting, both interlocutors tackled the developments in Ukraine and its impact on the global economic trends, including on both countries, as well as the activities each country undertakes to absorb the adverse effects on the national economies.

North Macedonia, as the Minister said, monitors the developments and has already adopted a set of 26 measures to protect the standard of the citizens and the national economy, as well as to ensure safe and secure supply of energy products. To that end, he positively assessed the inclusion of our country, together with the other Western Balkan countries and the European Unions, in the initiatives for increased energy independence of both the Union and the region.

At the meeting, the Minister emphasized the macroeconomic stability in the country and the possibilities to enhance the economic cooperation with the Czech Republic and investments.

Following the economic recovery in 2021, economic growth is expected to intensify in the coming years by implementing the envisaged investments in the Accelerated Growth Plan, as well as by increased share of capital expenditures in the Budget, also envisaged under the Fiscal Strategy 2022-2026, with its key elements being public finance redesigning and strengthening and gradual fiscal consolidation by reducing the budget deficit.

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