29th March 2022, Skopje – Government adopted the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, pertaining to amendment to the Decree on State-Owned Construction Land, thus changing the fee for state-owned construction land privatization. Amendments stipulate price higher by 30 times, pertaining to unbuilt land intended for collective housing and a commercial building, as well as prices increased by 20 times for production facilities. Fee for privatization of state-owned construction land, intended for built housing or collective housing remains to be Denar 61 per square meter.

Decree pertains to the fee for state-owned construction land privatization, being carried out by the Property and Legal Affairs Office. It is a matter of state-owned land privatization only amid already acquired user right.

Proposed amendment results from the increased market value of the construction land in relation to the value of the construction land in 2005, when the Law on Privatization and Lease of State-Owned Construction Land entered into force. This is above all, aimed at preventing legal entities and natural persons to construct buildings on the basis of privatization, upon the so-far privatization fee, for purposes stipulated under the spatial planning acts (collective housing, commercial and business buildings, as well as production facilities and sport and recreation facilities), thus acquiring property.

The amount of the fee will depend on the location of the land in the respective five regions, whether it is in a central or non-central area.

Thus, as for Skopje municipalities, the fee for unbuilt land intended for collective housing and commercial building, will amount to Denar 13,140 per square meter, Denar 8,760 for production facilities and Denar 4,380 for sports and recreation facilities.

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