24th June 2022, Skopje – Under 2022 Supplementary Budget, funds are provided for improving the living standard, as well as the living conditions of the citizens amidst the most severe global economic crisis. Funds amounting to Denar 4.7 billion are provided for new targeted measures as a financial support for those in need thereof the most. Funds for new active employment measures are increased by three and a half times, compared to 2016, i.e. from Denar 521 million to Denar 1.9 billion, Deputy Minister of Finance, Filip Nikoloski pointed out, elaborating on the 2022 Supplementary Budget.

At the same time, what is needed in times of global economic crisis, as Minister Nikoloski stressed, is a rational usage of the Budget funds, as well as making savings, wherever possible. Under the Supplementary Budget, funds allocated for materials and sundries are reduced by Denar 171 million, while those intended for purchasing new vehicles are cut by Denar 107 million.

When talking about the living standard of the citizens, Nikoloski pointed out that the data on the continuous net wage increase, as well as the data on the increased pensions remarkably speak in favour thereof.

Average net wage increased by 10% in only four months this year, thus fully offsetting the inflation increase in this period of the year. According to the latest data published by the State Statistical Office, in April, average net wage amounted to Denar 31,525, Deputy Minister Nikoloski stressed, thereby adding that this might not be sufficient, however what is important is the continuous increase thereof.
Average net wage increased by 41% compared to 2016, when it amounted to Denar 22,342.

Thereby, Deputy Minister pointed out that the health workers, education workers, i.e. over total of 90 thousand public sector employees received or will receive higher wages in a year of the most severe global economic crisis.

Moreover, as he said, taking good care of pensioners and improving their living standard continues, whereby budget funds allocated for pensions are increased by 33% compared to 2017, amounting to Denar 68 billion under the Supplementary Budget.

Funds for transfers to the municipalities, are also increased under the Supplementary Budget. Thus, in 2021, transfers to Local Government Units amounted to Denar 17 billion, while amounting to Denar 23 billion or Denar 6 billion more under the Supplementary Budget. Under the 2022 Supplementary Budget alone, Nikoloski said that more than Denar 800 million are additionally provided for the municipalities.

Thereby, as he pointed out, the data on GDP in absolute terms clearly speak in favour of the economy direction. Thus, GDP amounted to EUR 9.6 billion in 2016, while being projected in the amount of EUR 13.1 billion in 2022, being an increase by 36.5% or total of EUR 3.5 billion.

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