26th October 2022, Skopje – Ministry of Finance managed, by rational energy use, and as per the instructions on energy savings imposed by the Government, to save 32% of the consumption compared to the electricity consumed in September 2021.

Savings mean not only financial benefit in times when we confront shortages of energy products worldwide, in particular on the European territory, but also a great contribution to safe and secure supply of electricity. This will allow us to spend the upcoming period, accompanied by increased electricity consumption due to the heating, in warm rooms and thus avoid any restrictions.

Each and every one of us can play a part in contributing to the stability as regards the supply of electricity.

Therefore, Ministry of Finance, as well as the other institutions, carried out measures, which did not disrupt the working process, as well as the safe working conditions, thereby providing for 32% savings. The responsible behavior of the employees also contributed thereto.

Such rational electricity use will be pursued in the next months as well via the introduced measures, which proved to be efficient for our institution.

Turn the light off whenever there is no need therefor, and use the daylight, as we did in September. Thus, we manage to save on both lighting and heating of the premises. Turn the computers off when they are not used, as done by our employees. During the hallways, the lights are turned on a light sensor, thus being lighted only when necessary. Such measures provided for 32% less consumption. We should altogether keep trying to make contribution to overcoming this crisis with the least possible consequences for us all. Electricity is an essential necessity for us all.

Slight changes in our habits, without thereby stepping outside our comfort zone, will make a great difference in such times of crisis.

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