26th January 2023, Skopje – Employments in government and public institutions should be realized on the basis of funds provided for new employment and the institution’s employment plan, whereby the process should be managed by the head of the respective institution, as pointed out by Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, responding to Member of Parliament’s question.

“It is a matter of a process , which should be carried out on the basis of provided funds in order for all institutions to be able to operate smoothly, which should, however, be taken into consideration by the respective heads in those institutions throughout the year, while the way of managing this process is by preventing any interruption in the regular operations of those institutions”, Minister said, adding that if funds are provided, which is one of the conditions, and in case that employment is planned under the Employment Plan, then a confirmative answer is given thereto, i.e. the Ministry of Finance provides information that funds have been provided for the requested employments. Thus, as the Minister indicated, fiscal consolidation or budget sustainability is ensured.

Minister clarified that Ministry of Finance acts, throughout this process, pursuant to the Organic Budget Law and the Law on Budget Execution, and while being responsible for the process of providing consent for the Employment Plan, it acts thereupon once a consent is obtained by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration and the Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations.

“Ministry of Finance does not have the authority, the competence, or the capacity to give consent for separate working posts, i.e. separate employments. Institutions themselves and the respective heads thereof are responsible for the manner of carrying out these procedures. However, in that case, Ministry of Finance gives a notification whether the institution has provided budget funds for the respective working position and whether such activity is in line with the Employment Plan”, Minister Besimi pointed out.


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