3rd February 2023, Skopje – The process of paying wages to employees in the public sector is regulated and carried out on the basis of the Organic Budget Law and the Law on Budget Execution, and as per the respective provided funds. Ministry of Finance carries out this process via the Budget and Funds and the Treasury Departments, acting upon the adopted Budget and the legal provisions thereof.

Ministry of Finance is the institution responsible for preparation and execution of the Budget, being carried out efficiently, professionally and responsibly, on continuous basis, by the competent departments with the Ministry of Finance, more precisely the Budget and Funds Department  and the Treasury Department, since it is a matter of citizens’ money. Any additional obligation undertaken by the institutions as regards the wage payment, as well as any other financial liability under the Budget, should be foreseen within the adopted Budget in the Parliament, since the Treasury Department can only act upon orders, which are line with the Budget as adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia.  This applies to all institutions and budget users with no exceptions made.

All doubts that may arise in any institution, with respect to the Budget execution, Ministry of Finance resolves, through the responsible sectors, in open communication with these institutions, also including the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, the issues within the legal regulations.

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