8th March 2023, Skopje – We are pursuing sustainable and consistent macroeconomic and fiscal policies. We are implementing reforms, which are part of our European agenda, while also coping with the challenges imposed by the COVID-19-induced crisis, as well as the energy and the price crisis. Our partner, the EU and the USA provide substantial support in implementing the reform agenda, which we very much appreciate. This was stressed by Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, when meeting the Head of the Albania and North Macedonia Unit within the General Directorate for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations of the European Commission, Mihaela Matuella and the EU Ambassador David Geer.

“Ministry of Finance implemented significant reform in the field of public finance management, as per which the traditional budget is to be replaced by the performance-based budgeting. New Organic Budget Law is crucial in implementing this reform, as per which fiscal rules were introduced, entailing greater responsibility as regards the manner of spending the cash funds. We remain committed to fiscal consolidation, as well as supporting the domestic economy, by changing the structure of the budget and focusing on the implementation of capital projects, all to the end of attaining accelerated economic growth,” Minister Besimi said.

He pointed out that public finance management is a particular challenge in crisis situation, requiring adequate and prompt response thereto, all to the end of safeguarding the living standard of the citizens and the companies’ liquidity, while ensuring fiscal sustainability. He also touched upon the anti-crisis measures adopted by the Government, aimed at managing the COVID-19 pandemic and the energy and price crisis, thereby expressing his gratitude to the EU about the financial support provided therefor.

“In 2020, the EU provided the country with a grant in the amount of EUR 40 million, for the purpose of coping with the COVID-19 crisis, whereby the first tranche of EUR 72 million, under the announced grant for coping with the energy and the price crisis, is to be disbursed these days. Additional EUR 100 million are expected to be allocated from the EU as Macro-Financial Assistance under favourable terms and conditions”, Minister Besimi said.

During the meeting, the progress of the Republic of North Macedonia in terms of the EU integration process was stressed, along with the launched screening process and the significance of the institutional capacities for its implementation, as well as for boosting the human capital.

Economic Reform Program was also discussed, containing the reforms, to be undertaken in the Republic of North Macedonia, being defined within the Economic and Financial Dialogue with the EC. The quality of the program our country prepared was again commended.

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