2nd June 2023, Skopje – Support in the form of subsidies to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis will continue this year as well. Funds are therefore projected in the Budget, supporting the citizens and the small- and medium-sized enterprises, aimed at cushioning the effects of the energy crisis, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, said in his guest appearance for “Win-Win” TV Show.

“EUR 225 million is projected in this year’s Budget as support for the citizens and the businesses to cope with the crisis, with part of the funds intended for ESM”, Besimi said, adding that the European Union awarded us EUR 84 million grant funds to tackle the ongoing energy crisis this year.

The Minister emphasized that the effects from the subsidies are reflected in the electricity bills the citizens receive. The bills show the subsidy they receive, since it is citizens’ money from the taxes they pay. “They are to know how their money is spent, with the Government policy being to give the subsidy”, Besimi said.

Las year’s heating season, as the Minister pointed out, the Government, through subsidies to AD ESM and fiscal implications arising from the reduced VAT, extended support to the citizens and the businesses, totaling EUR 400 million, for coping with the energy crisis.


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