14th June 2023, Skopje – Coordination conference under the EU–funded Twinning Project “Strengthening Budget Planning, Execution and Internal Control Functions” was held in Skopje today, with the aim of presenting the results achieved from the beginning of the Project in February 2020 until now.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Filip Nikoloski, gave a welcome address at the Conference, emphasizing that the Twinning Project provides substantial support to our institutions in implementing both the public finance management reforms and the European Commission’s recommendations for the respective chapters given to our country.  “Improving public finance management is one of the key priorities of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, and also one of the priorities for accession to the European Union.  In order to successfully implement this priority, encompassing fiscal discipline, debt sustainability and efficient, transparent and modern public finance management, the Government has decided to focus its efforts, through the Ministry of Finance, on implementing a comprehensive public finance management reform, which requires support from our partners from the European Union and the other international institutions and donors”, Deputy Minister Nikoloski said.

So far, following activities have been implemented under the Project:

  • around 60 regulations (laws, bylaws and methodologies) have been prepared;
  • more than 60 trainings, workshops and round-table discussions have been organized and held;
  • medium-term budget planning has been strengthened and transposed in the new Fiscal Strategy, which incorporates many quantitative and qualitative data in accordance with the recommendations provided by the Project experts;
  • existing system of public sector internal financial control has been upgraded for the purpose of establishing a modern, adequate and effective system in accordance with the best European practices and the European Commission requirements;
  • activities for establishment of the Public Finance Academy within the Ministry of Finance have been launched;
  • National Certification Program for Internal Auditors is in the process of drafting;
  • Financial Inspection has been advanced and its capacities have been enhanced;
  • Public Procurement Strategy and relevant methodology have been prepared;
  • National Anti-Fraud Strategy has been updated and AFCOS Network has been fully established;
  • public procurement and appeals’ systems have been strengthened;
  • capacities of budget users at central and local level to implement PFM legislation and apply modern tools have been enhanced.

Project’s overall objective is to further improve public spending efficiency and effectiveness through activities that support the implementation of the Public Finance Management (PFM) Reform Program.

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia implements the Project, in co-operation with twinning partners from EU Member States – Kingdom of the Netherlands, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Latvia.   Project duration is set at 49 months with a total budget of EUR 3.7 million.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. Mite Mitevski, Beneficiary Country Project Leader,



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