7th November 2023, SkopjeSecond auction of development bond for citizens was successfully carried out. At the auction held on Tuesday, development bonds for citizens were purchased in the amount of Denar 1,085,480,000 (EUR 17.7 million), being by 1.8 times higher than the amount offered in the Prospectus for second issue of development bond for citizens.

“It shows that the citizens have already acknowledged the development bond for citizens and this bond has found its place on the market. Following its first auction at which the demand was 2.4 times the amount offered, citizens also displayed interest during the second auction, and they have already showed interest in when the next auction will take place”, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, said.

He also added that citizens who have decided to now invest their money in development bond for citizens will receive the interest-based earnings on 14th November 2024 for the first year and on 14th November 2025 for the second year, with the entire invested amount being repaid.

“Development bond for citizens offers the citizens a risk-free and safe investment, thereby adding incremental value to their money in terms of generating sound earnings. On the other hand, they also invest in the development of the country, since the funds raised on the basis of the development bond for citizens, as well as other bonds envisaged under the Growth Acceleration Plan and the Public Debt Management Strategy, are aimed at implementation of development projects”, Minister Besimi said.

907 citizens purchased development bonds for citizens at today’s auction. In the coming days, the bonds will be registered in the Central Securities Depositary.

Prospectus for the second issue of development bond for citizens was published on 18th October. In the period from 18th October to 6th November, the citizens could submit applications, via all commercial banks in the country, to participate in the auction. Development bond for citizens is a new instrument the Ministry of Finance introduced on the financial market starting July this year. In addition to this bond, green bond has also been introduced as a new instrument and, in line with the Growth Acceleration Plan and the Public Debt Management Strategy, project bond will be also offered on the market in the upcoming period.

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