21 December 2023, Skopje – The Government and the Ministry of Finance secured access to a new additional capital of EUR 50 million for the domestic small and medium-size enterprises in support of their investments. The funds will be made available to the final beneficiaries through the Development Bank of North Macedonia, with the commercial banks in the country as intermediaries. The funds are extended by the French Development Bank, with today’s signing of the agreement by the Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi and the Chief Executive Director of the Development Bank of North Macedonia Kire Naumov, and Mr. Mathieu Vasseur, FDA Director for Europe and Asia.

“By signing these Agreements, the Government and Ministry of Finance provide the domestic companies with additional funds, amounting to EUR 50 million, intended for green and social investments. This demonstrates the Government’s regard for the companies in view of supporting their liquidity and investments via favorable loans”, Minister Besimi said.

“These funds are mostly destined for small- and medium-sized enterprises, as employers of the majority of the workforce. The credit line will be made available to the companies, as final beneficiaries, by the Development Bank of North Macedonia via the commercial banks”, the Minister said upon the signing of the agreements.

He also stated that this is an additional support to the ongoing one available to the companies, with the Government as their reliable partner.

“The Government has been a reliable partner to the Macedonian companies, in particular SMEs, as evident during the crisis, when they have been extended substantial support under the adopted sets of anti-crisis measures. Implementation of the ninth set of anti-crisis measures is ongoing, incorporating support for these companies of nearly EUR 500 million”, Besimi said.

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