21st April 2024, Washington – North Macedonia is strongly committed to and focused on implementing the structural reforms. Reforms are defined together with the international partners, with substantial support for their implementation being confirmed by the World Bank under the Country Partnership Framework, with a credit portfolio of nearly US$ 700 million. At the meetings, Vice President of the Europe and Central Asia Region at the World Bank, Antonella Bassani, Executive Director, Eugene Rhuggenaath, and Country Director for Wester Balkans, Xiaoqing Yu, acknowledged the support for the reforms.

“World Bank is our major partner, extending continuous support for society development for 30 years now. Many reforms have been supported with projects which are already implemented. I assure you that the reforms ahead of us will be carried out in line with the adopted Country Partnership Framework, clearly aimed at EU accession and ensuring more sustainable, more resilient and green growth”, Deputy Minister of Finance said.

He also said that the first loans under the CPF have been extended, with EUR 93.8 million intended for development policies, EUR 27.5 million for social services improvement and EUR 31 million for road upgrading and development.

“In the coming five years, the country has US$ 695 million available for easier access and better-quality public services, along with greater opportunities for creating jobs, highly valued positions in the private sector, strengthened resilience to climate change, as well as reduced carbon emissions. For the purpose of attaining the these goals, projects focus on areas such as transport, municipal infrastructure, agriculture, digitalization, energy, health care, education, social services”, Nikolovski said.

During the meetings, Deputy Minister expressed gratitude to the World Bank for their continuous support, with new possibilities to deepen the cooperation also being discussed. Activities related to new projects aimed at sustainable development of municipalities and trade and transport facilitation have already been launched. Possibilities for projects in the field of energy transition and steps towards clean energy and green growth, thus responding to climate changes, will be also considered.

Meetings were held within the IMF and WB Spring Meetings Deputy Minister of Finance, Filip Nikolovski, attends in Washington. He met IMF high officials as well, Deputy Managing Director, Bo Li, Executive Director, Paul Hilbers, Alternate Executive Director for North Macedonia, Luc Dresse, and Director of the European Department, Alfred Kammer. Deputy Minister also took part in the Constituency headed by the Netherlands and Belgium, which North Macedonia is a member of. IMF/WB Spring Meetings are held every year, taking place from 15th to 20th April this year. Deputy Minister of Finance and Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia, Anita Angelovska – Bezhoska, attend this year’s Spring Meetings.

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