26th June 2024, Skopje – Minister of Finance, Gordana Dimitrieska – Kochoska attended the promotion ceremony, pertaining to the Wind Farm Project with capacity of 400 MW, Alcazar Energy investment worth EUR 450 million.

“Alcazar Energy Investment worth approximately EUR 450 million, pertaining to the wind farm construction is the most substantial investment, comprising 20% of the overall electricity generation in our country, which provides for creating 630 new jobs. New Government remains committed to fulfilling the promises made during the pre-election period. Citizens deserve prompt results,” the Minister wrote on her FB profile.

Once this Government has taken power, this is the first project promoted thereby. Project will provide for increased energy independence of our country, thus contributing to quicker transition towards green energy. Hence, 55 wind farms will be installed, which will generate one terawatt-hour of electricity or one million megawatt hours.

Prime Minister, Hristijan Mickoski, new Minister of Energy, Mining and Mineral Resources,  Sanja Bozhinovska and Alcazar Energy’s Co-Founder and CEO,  Daniel Calderdon, had their address at the promotion ceremony.

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