27th June 2024, Skopje –Minister of Finance, Gordana Dimitrieska – Kochoska announced that the Government will consider the pension increase proposal on Friday.

“In the afternoon, within the Government’s premises, we met Prime Minister, Hristijan Mickoski and Minister of Social Policy, Demography and Youth, Fatmir Limani, wherein we agreed on fulfilling one of our pre-election promises, more precisely the pension increase by Denar 5,000. First increase by Denar 2,500 will take place in September, with the additional Denar 2,500 increase to be effected in March, thus implying linear increase of the overall pensions. For instance, retirees, whose pension amounts to Denar 15,000 will receive a pension worth Denar 17,500 as of September until March, which is to reach Denar 20,000 when the second increase will be effected, Dimitrieska- Kochoska stated in her guest appearance in the newscast on Sitel TV Channel.

She explained that it is a matter of fulfilling the promise made in the pre-election period. i.e. increasing he pensions in the first year of this Government’s tenure, which will be realized even earlier than planned, i.e. up to March 2025.

She gave an assurance that funds will be provided under the 2024 Supplementary Budget for repaying the pensions, being already under preparation in the Ministry of Finance.

“Under 2024 Budget, no sufficient funds have been projected for paying pensions. Under the adopted Budget, there is shortage of EUR 40 million for repaying the pensions, which would have had to be provided at all events. At present, around additional EUR 40 million will be required therefor, meaning total of approximately EUR 80 million. We will manage to provide these funds by making cuts on the non-productive costs”, Minister of Finance, Dimitrieska – Kochoska said.

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