28th June 2024, Skopje – Citizens will keep reaping the benefits from “MojDDV” measure, only systemic changes will be made within the Public Revenue Office, as announced by Minister of Finance, Gordana Dimitrieska- Kochoska in her guest appearance on Sitel TV news.

Amount for VAT refund to citizens under “MojDDV” measure will remain the same. Certain adjustments will be made, however they will not directly affect the citizens since they are only systemic changes within the Public Revenue Office.  “Very often, citizens complained that although they scanned their fiscal receipts, they were rejected by PRO under the pretext of not being original, and despite the numerous reports, PRO failed to take any action thereupon”, Minister of Finance said.

As for the development bonds for the citizens as government securities intended for the citizens, she said they will no longer be issued until citizens’ confidence in the country is restored.

” Even prior to being appointed as Minister of Finance, I repeatedly stated that in order for the citizens to be interested in purchasing these bonds, they must have faith in the institutions. We should prove with deeds that we fulfill the promises we make. It is only when we manage to change the country’s systemic structure, as well fully restore the citizens’ confidence in the country, we can discuss the development bonds for the citizens”, Dimitrieska – Kochoska said.

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